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Should You Use Inbound Marketing to Improve B2B Sales?


The advantages of inbound marketing stretch far beyond traditional marketing. Whereas marketing once revolved around TV, radio and newspaper advertising and in-person sales, the digital era has brought about a new approach. Now, inbound marketing proves to be more successful for many brands. Here's what you need to know about inbound marketing.Here are some pointers to make the best possible body of your blog:


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing, which first came about in 2006, is the approach of pulling potential clients into your website or business rather than actively seeking them out. Instead of purchasing email lists or paying for ads, inbound is focused on creating content and a social media presence that participates in the digital conversation and draws customers to your brand. Inbound marketing can be seen in everything from blog posts to Facebook accounts to SEO.

The Proven Success of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has been shown to be a more effective approach to marketing campaigns, and social media plays a huge role in this. Nearly 90 percent of business owners feel that social outlets have generated more buzz for their brands than any other previous approach. Creating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, utilizing hashtags and joining is an easy way to join the social conversation.

Another good approach is SEO, where you produce content to help your site appear in search results. Simply having and keeping up with a blog on your website will give you over a 400-percent increase in indexed pages that search engines will pick up on as they crawl your site. Overall, implementing blogs, SEO and a social presence is much cheaper than relying only on traditional ads. In fact, a lead brought in via inbound marketing costs 60 percent less than one from traditional advertising.

But Don't Give Up on Traditional Marketing

Although inbound marketing has been proven to be the modern and successful approach, traditional marketing still has its advantages. Traditional marketing offers real-life, real-world approaches that can allow your target audience the opportunity to touch, smell, sample, eat or try out your product or service. Many times, nothing beats the real deal — after you've already attracted your customers' attention. The best approach to marketing is therefore a combination of the two. You can use inbound marketing techniques to draw in the attention of your audience, and follow up your efforts with a more traditional approach. This blend is the best way to sell a product or service.

Improve your B2B Sales today.

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Vera Fischer

By Vera Fischer

The visionary of 97 Degrees West for more than thirteen years, Vera has served as the CEO and President since 2004. During Vera’s tenure, the agency has achieved steady growth while surviving both economic recessions in Austin, Texas. Vera began her advertising career at GSD&M where she worked on accounts: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Houston Rockets, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Pearl Vision, SeaWorld and DoubleTree Hotels. Her next stop was the nationally recognized T3 known as “The Think Tank.” While at T3, Vera spearheaded the Dell Computers launch of the Preferred Accounts Division and lead national projects for the ESL and Enterprise Divisions. Other notable accounts included Quintiles Oncology, Austin Lyric Opera and St. David’s Hospital. In 2001, Vera left the agency world to embark on the client side as Director of Marketing for Forgent Networks, the software spin-off of VTEL video conferencing. Vera managed an annual multi-million dollar marketing budget, developed online lead generation programs, managed the inside sales team and consistently delivered high-quality MQLs to the sales team. In 2004, after a company wide re-org, Vera was laid off while on maternity leave. Within the day, she founded her agency, 97 Degrees West. Vera’s weekly podcast entitled, “System Execution”, launched in mid-2016 with notable guests like Ari Weinzweig, Jeff Smith, Gary Bizzo, Dr. Alan Pitt, and other business and thought leaders. Vera is the first woman to host a podcast devoted to systems and processes of successful companies. She is quickly becoming one of the country’s leading authorities on the topic of execution Vera is a member of the Austin University Area Rotary Club, an advisory board member for the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Texas State University and a Mentor at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. Vera is completing her Master’s in Strategic Communications at Texas State University in May 2018.