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A 97-Degrees Holiday

Our team is getting in the holiday spirit. How about yours? Here are some holiday tidbits about our favorite workmates (i.e. all of them).

Team Member Of The Month: Candice

Candice Brusuelas has been an intern marketing coordinator for 97 Degrees West for nearly a year. She is a writer and editor. In addition to helping ...

Team Member Of The Month: Clark

97 Degrees West’s newest team-member, Design Director Clark Bystrom, is an award-winning creative director from the Austin area. Clark has worked on ...

Team Member Of The Month: Kim

Kim Castelluccio is 97DW's Digital Media Supervisor. She is an integral part in 97DW's  digital strategy and coordination. Kim graduated from Texas ...

Team Member Of The Month: Emma

Emma Casey is 97DW's Senior Digital Manager and oversees the digital side of client projects from start to finish. She has a colorful work history ...

Team Member Of The Month: Vera

Vera K. Fischer founded 97 Degrees West in 2004, after many years of experience in marketing and business. Vera is very active, beyond the agency, ...

Team Member Of The Month: Cory

  Cory Shaw has been 97 Degrees West's Visual Designer since 2015. Cory is originally from Georgia and graduated (with honors) from the University of ...

Team Member of the Month: Brooke

Brooke Hummel is 97 Degrees West's  Account Supervisor. Brooke has 10+ years of marketing and advertising experience in both national and global ...